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California DMV Hearing & Traffic Ticket Attorney

At the Law Offices of Paul E. Antill, a large part of our law practice is protecting and defending the interests of truckers and commercial drivers like you. Contact out San Dimas, CA law office or call 888.529.5255 to schedule a free consultation.

A Lawyer With 14 Years of Experience in the Trucking Industry

Commercial drivers are more likely to be pulled over for a traffic violation than other drivers. If you are on the road at least 10 hours a day, it's inevitable that at some point you'll be faced with a ticket for some standard traffic violation or a misdemeanor or DOT violation specific to truckers.

While any lawyer can help you with a speeding ticket, few attorneys are going to understand how serious a traffic violation can be for you and your business, or the effects it could have on your commercial drivers' license. I do. I'm trucking attorney Paul Antill, a 14-year-veteran of the trucking industry.

Traffic Violations

Our law firm defends truckers and commercial drivers ticketed for any kind of traffic violation, including:

  • Speeding — More than 15 miles over the speed limit is a misdemeanor. A conviction could result in a license suspension.
  • Violations of 55 miles per hour truck speed — Or exceeding 55 miles per hour for commercial vehicles
  • Drunk driving — Your CDL may be affected even if you were in your personal car at the time.
  • Reckless driving
  • Hit and run accidents
  • Log book violations
  • Being out of designated truck lane
  • Weight violations and other DOT requirements

We enforce a practical, bottom-line approach to problems. We look for the best deal for each client; the option that carries the least cost in terms of money and trouble. Sometimes that means fighting a traffic ticket at a DMV hearing or in traffic court; sometimes it means paying the ticket.

Fighting the Ticket

If we believe we can get your ticket dismissed, we will work towards that. If the judge decides what fine to impose, we will negotiate to get your fine reduced. We can also negotiate for a charge that has a lower fine. However, we are always going to do what it takes to prevent you from having points added to your driving record, or getting your license suspended.

If You Have Received a Ticket on the Road

We are easily accessible, even on the road. You just need access to a fax machine (at a truck stop copy center) to fax your ticket. Within minutes, we can have a retainer agreement back to you. Allow us to worry about the ticket so you can focus on driving.

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Contact our San Dimas law office online or call 888.529.5255. We offer a free initial consultation and accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We represent truckers from across the country who travel along Highway 10, Highway 57, Highway 71, Highway 210, and other Southern California roadways.