Reckless Driving

While many would consider traffic violations to be minor infractions, the consequences can be severe. At The Law Offices of Paul E. Antill, we protect the rights of clients facing all types of criminal charges. The founder of our law firm is proactive in resolving legal problems and minimizing the potential penalties.

Reckless Driving Convictions Go Beyond Jail Time And Fines

According to the California Vehicle Code, reckless driving is considered willful and wanton disregard for public safety of people and property. Convictions can lead to imprisonment, excessive fines, increased insurance rates and possible license suspension. Penalties increase for previous convictions or the commission of a crime that led to a death.

Criminal consequences are only the beginning. Points against your car insurance increase, putting you at risk of driver's license suspension or revocation. Paul E. Antill strives to minimize all penalties and the impact on the lives of his clients.

Police officers and prosecutors may claim that pleading guilty is in your best interests. Their objective is to dispose of your case before you speak to an attorney. Conversely, our job is to get to the facts of the case, speak on your behalf and fight for the best outcome.

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