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DOT Violations and Traffic Infractions

California Trucking Law Attorney

Helping Truckers and Trucking Companies in California

Trucking is a one of the most heavily regulated industries in the U.S. Truckers and trucking companies face a different set of transportation and traffic violations, and the consequences can be serious.

Any lawyer can help you with a speeding ticket, but why not work with a lawyer who focuses on trucking law when you're facing a DOT violation or misdemeanor trucking violation that's specific to truckers. I help truckers with legal problems ranging from speeding tickets to weight and scale violations across Southern California, including Vista and Banning areas.

I'm trucking attorney Paul Antill. At my San Dimas law firm, I represent truckers and trucking companies with business concerns and DOT violations. I worked in the trucking industry for 14 years. I know the in's and outs of transportation law and I can provide effective defense for you and your business. Contact my law office for prompt help.

DOT Violations and Other Misdemeanor Trucking Violations

  • Truck log book violations: Failing to keep your log book up to date
  • Driving hour violations: Driving too many hours is a misdemeanor violation
  • Out of permit violations
  • Equipment violations
  • Weight violations: If your vehicle and load is overweight, uneven axle weight distribution or overweight for the street you are driving on. You could be fined a certain amount for every pound you are over the weight restriction for these misdemeanors.
  • Scale violations: Pulling out of scale line too soon, pulling in and leaving the truck
  • Failure to get a BIT inspection

Fines for DOT violations or misdemeanor trucking violations can add up fast, threatening your commercial driver's license. Being overweight or out of permit can result in ten's of thousands of dollars in fines!

At the Law Office of Paul E. Antill, I work hard to ensure my trucker clients keep their license and their livelihood. In cases where a judge can use discretion, I can usually get high fines reduced substantially, or I can negotiate a different violation that has a lower fine. For example, one of my clients was facing $27,000 in fines and I successfully negotiated it down to $350.

That's the kind of bottom-line results my clients need and I work to achieve.

Getting the Details Right

Sometimes truckers think they paid their fines and handled their tickets when they used the Internet or some other "quick" system, only to find out later that it wasn't really handled and they now have points on their driving record.

If you never got a finding from the judge or never had a DMV hearing, you haven't had your day in court. I've been able to get convictions reversed because the system didn't give my client his due process.

Contact my San Dimas law office online or call 888.529.5255. I offer FREE initial consultations and accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. I represent truckers from across the country who travel along Highway 10, Highway 57, Highway 71, Highway 210, and other southern California roadways.

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