Driving on Suspended License

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Having your driver's license suspended or revoked is a serious and life-changing moment that affects all aspects of your life. Holding down a job presents challenges. Performing the most basic tasks such as picking up your kids at school or running to the store is not possible.

An Arrest For Driving With A Suspended License Does Not Guarantee Conviction

While options exist, one choice that some take is ignoring the revocation or suspension. Continuing to drive is not a solution. In fact, it makes a bad situation worse. While we have represented clients desperate to operate a vehicle, albeit illegally, we also represent those who were not notified of a pending driver's license suspension.

Regardless of the circumstances, an arrest for driving on a license suspended because of points on a license, disability or DUI conviction requires immediate representation. Please know that the arrest does not guarantee a conviction. Defenses exist in addition to the aforementioned lack of notification.

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