License Suspensions

Most drivers take their legal ability drive for granted until they find themselves in legal trouble resulting in the loss of their driving privileges. The consequences are catastrophic and challenging, requiring the help of an attorney experienced in this complex aspect of criminal defense, specifically traffic violations and drunk driving.

Overcoming The Obstacles Of Driver's License Suspension Or Revocation

Losing your driver's license has catastrophic consequences that may be too challenging to overcome. Keeping a job presents challenges if you cannot drive to and from work. Paul Antill is a seasoned and skilled attorney who will explore all options toward getting your driving privilege either temporarily or permanently.

One option we do not explore is driving on a suspended license. That decision will only make a bad situation worse.

Claiming the preservation of public safety, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will suspend or revoke driver's licenses following a DUI arrest or other criminal activity. Suspensions and revocations happen when someone fails to appear in court or pay a fine or child support.

Personalized Representation. Tailored Strategies.

Paul E. Antill has represented numerous clients who have suffered the consequences of adverse decisions by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Over time, he has gained insight into a complex and highly bureaucratic system.

That insight has helped him navigate through a complicated process with the goal of restoring driving privileges legally.

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