The sight of flashing lights and sound of a siren behind your car are only the beginning of your legal problems. Drunk driving is a serious crime with serious consequences, even before a case is resolved. You need immediate representation from an attorney with an unwavering focus on protecting your rights.

Paul E. Antill, the founder of our law firm, is a criminal defense attorney with unwavering dedication for his clients. From the time he takes on your case, he provides personalized representation and strategies tailored to your specific situation.

Protecting Your Rights And Looking Out For Your Best Interests

In addition to jail time and significant fines, a drunk driving conviction has long-term consequences. Your ability to drive to and from work or run errands is taken away due to license suspension or revocation. If you are able to hold on to your license, insurance rates can skyrocket beyond what you may be able to afford.

Police officers and prosecutors are not on your side, no matter how much they claim. You need an attorney who will speak on your behalf and pursue the best possible outcome. Paul E. Antill strives to minimize the consequences, starting with the administrative hearing regarding license suspension.

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