The Representation You Need When The Stakes Are High

Paul E. Antill devotes every single resource in his criminal defense arsenal to defending his clients charged with serious crimes. Far too much is at stake to handle a criminal matter on your own or retain a lesser experienced attorney. The consequences range from increased insurance rates to a prison sentence.

California laws are complex and ever-changing with the severity of punishments continually increasing. You need information. Knowledge is power when you feel most powerless. Judges have little, if any time to tell you what you need to know. Prosecutors want you to plead guilty or find ways to convict you.

Unwavering Determination In Protecting Your Rights

Paul E. Antill combines experience with knowledge of both criminal and administrative processes, particularly in cases involving drunk driving. He crafts strategies with skills and savvy. The founder of our law firm fights for his clients and does not shy away from going up against prosecutors fighting to convict his clients.

Over time, he has developed proven methods and strategies that he has passed on to his team of attorneys. While we cannot guarantee a successful outcome, Paul E. Antill will employ all resources to protect the rights of our clients.